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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you print out coloring pictures?

Scroll down to the browser you use and follow the simple instructions. Go to your printable coloring page. Open the Print "Page setup" window. Change all drop-down lists to "-Empty-". Click "OK", and then print your page! Go to your printable coloring page. Click the Print icon on the page.

How do you print color pictures from your computer?

Locate the photo you want to print. The most common place for photos to be saved on your computer is in the "My Pictures" folder. To access this folder go to the "Start Menu" and click on the "My Documents" folder. On the left hand side of the windows browser will be the "My Pictures" folder.

How do you print a picture in color?

Open the "File" menu on the toolbar of the browser or computer program from which you are printing your picture. Choose the "Print" option from the "File" menu. Select the "Properties" button near the top of the "Print" box. Click on the "Color" tab and once it opens, check the box that reads "Print in Grayscale.".

How do you turn pictures into coloring pages?

Step 1: Go to and click the link "Open photo editor.". Find the image you'd like to use from any of the sources listed on the next page that loads. Step 2: Select Desaturate from the dropdown menu labeled Adjustment. The image should now be black and white.

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