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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tonneau cover for a northwest truck?

Folding Tonneau covers are convenient for the Northwest truck owner. Extang solid fold 2.0 tonneau covers are made out of TPO which is cool to the touch on hot days as well as dent proof. This tonneau cover comes in an OEM black matte finish that is sure to give your truck a unique look.

What is the best retractable tonneau cover?

Its your truck, now use it! The Roll N Lock retractable tonneau cover is made out of heavy duty aluminum panels which are laminated with a thick layer of vinyl. Not to mention, the retracting design makes opening and closing a breeze. This hybrid cover offers everything other covers do not.

What are the snaps on a truck bed cover?

The nylon snaps, which are fiberglass reinforced, keep the truck bed cover seamlessly secured to your truck stopping dust, dirt, water and other debris from harming your cargo. A beautiful compliment to a Northwest black package.

What is a 3DL tonneau cover?

A.R.E. is expanding its tonneau cover line with the new 3DL. This tonneau cover exemplifies another innovative design from A.R.E. that makes loading and unloading easier. The 3DL turns the bed of the truck into an organized and readily accessible tool container that keeps dust and other elements out.

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