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Frequently Asked Questions

What is physics Wallah Ka MOD APK?

PHYSICS WALLAH KA MOD APK | PW MOD VERSION| ALL BATCHES FREE UNLOCK 100% MOD APK is one of the most popular Action created for Android. It includes some advanced features really easy to use. It is a cool free game and is definitely worth having on your phone.

Is physics app free to download?

It is completely free to download and very safe and harm free to download on any of your devices. Such kinds of apps are very useful especially for those who are interested in physics and want to strengthen their concepts even more and want to learn outside their educational institute.

Why go with physics Wallah?

Why go with PW? Physics Wallah or PW was started by Alakh Pandey Sir, who has made it his mission to provide the best quality education to every child in India. Today, the Alakh Pandey, PhysicsWallah YouTube family has more than 100 lakh students who shine with PW’s support in each and every exam!

What can I study with the PW app?

Be it Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Engineering Sciences, Biology (including Botany and Zoology), Accounting, Economics, Law & many more, become a part of the learning revolution that is taking over India. Study, upgrade and upskill in the most unique, most exciting PW Way! Why use the PW App? ✅ Understand concepts better with LIVE Lectures!

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