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Frequently Asked Questions

What is physics interactives?

A set of instructional pages written in an easy-to-understand language and complemented by graphics and Check Your Understanding sections. An ideal starting location for those grasping for understanding or searching for answers. The Physics Interactives includes a large collection of HTML5 interactive physics simulations.

What is the physics classroom interactive concept builder?

The Physics Classroom would like to thank Nerd Island Studios for contributing this Interactive to our collection. This Interactive Concept Builder provides learners with nine situations in which they must accurately determine the distance and displacement for a multi-stage motion.

What's new in the Physics Classroom tutorial?

Pages are synchronized to readings from The Physics Classroom Tutorial and to assignments of The Minds On Physics Internet Modules. And now teachers can purchase The Solutions Guide containing complete answers, explanations and solutions to all worksheets. This is a section of great usefulness to teachers and of little interest to students.

What is the physics classroom's question bank?

With The Physics Classroom's Question Bank, physics teachers can quickly put together multiple choice and free-response quizzes and tests that target concepts discussed at The Physics Classroom website. The Question Bank is available for purchase as a both a CD resource and as a Digital Download.

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