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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best steam games tagged with physics?

Top 150 best Steam games of all time tagged with Physics, according to gamer reviews. Include games supporting these platforms. ~ 1. Portal 2 Apr 2011 Platformer Top 250 #1 $9.99 ▼ ~ 2. People Playground Jul 2019 Sandbox Top 250 #5 $9.99 ▼ ~ 3. Portal Oct 2007 Puzzle Top 250 #9 $9.99 ▼ ~ 4. Garry's Mod Nov 2006 Sandbox Top 250 #11 $9.99 ▼ ~ 5.

Is Trine a physics game?

Trine is a side-scrolling game where players, as a thief, a knight, or a wizard, try and solve environmental puzzles based on physics. The physics game includes a co-op feature where multiple players can play at once.

What is a space game?

A "physics" game about space. Build rockets, space planes, space stations, rovers, landers, probes. Explore planets, moons, capture asteroids. With the addition of mods you can even test warp drive, set up a communications network, colonize a planet, mine for resources and much much more.

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