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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Courteney Cox have plastic surgery?

Courteney Cox, who has undergone many plastic surgery procedures, has been open about her regrets. Feeling the pressure to look young, she ended up having a ton of work done. At one point, the Friends star looked almost unrecognizable. “You have no idea because it’s gradual, until you go, ‘Oh, s—.

Does Courteney Cox’s daughter look like Coco Arquette?

Courteney Cox’s daughter was born the same year Friends ended, so motherhood is a big change for her in the past decade. Coco Arquette is now 15 years old. While she’s no longer married to her daughter’s father, David Arquette, she is still close with their kid. A recent selfie Cox posted with Coco had fans raving about how similar the pair looks.

What does Courteney Cox's Instagram post say about her husband?

As beautiful as Cox looks without a stitch of makeup, it was her caption to her man that was the true star of the post. “He always listens no matter what is being said. Where others lose interest….he still cares,” the Friends star wrote. “He turns words into poetry and thoughts into songs.

Is Courteney Cox’s boyfriend 12 years younger than her?

Courteney Cox, whose boyfriend Johnny McDaid is 12 years younger, says she doesn’t worry about the age gap “Things are going to change. Everything’s going to drop.

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