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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the real Philadelphia Experiment?

The Philadelphia Experiment. The story of the Philadelphia Experiment begins in October of 1943 in Norfolk, Virginia, though the story did not turn up until more than ten years later. Purportedly, some men aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth saw a ship spontaneously appear in the water in Norfolk on October 28.

What exactly happened during Philadelphia Experiment?

The Philadelphia Experiment is a supposed military experiment conducted by the United States (US) Navy on October 28, 1943, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is claimed that during the experiment the military managed to make the USS Eldridge, a US Navy destroyer escort, invisible to enemy devices.

What are facts about Philadelphia Experiment?

The Philadelphia Experiment was a naval military experiment alleged to have been carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA sometime around October 28, 1943. The U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was claimed to be rendered invisible (or "cloaked") to enemy devices.

What was the purpose of the Philadelphia Experiment?

October 28, 1943, was the date of one of the most significant scientific experiments in history - the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment." The goal was to make ships invisible to radar, but the result exceeded all expectations.

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