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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase tickets for Peter Pan Bus?

Tickets are available for purchase at, on the Peter Pan Bus Mobil App, and at Peter Pan terminals and agencies. *A $10 fee will be applied per transaction for tickets purchased over the phone from one of our Customer Care agents.* Please review your order carefully… all tickets are date and time specific and non-refundable.

How many buses does Peter Pan have in a day?

On a typical day, Peter Pan Bus Lines has 1430 scheduled bus trips in total. However, the exact departure and arrival times vary depending on the day and route. The best way to find the exact schedule for your trip is to use the search tool on this page. Can you pick up will call tickets at the station?

How do I modify my reservation at Peter Pan?

To modify your reservation you will need to visit a Peter Pan ticket counter or contact customer service at 800-343-9999. To change your ticket there is a fee of $5 (if the cost of the ticket is less than $10) or $10 (if the cost of the ticket is more than $10), plus any difference in fare for the new ticket.

Where does Peter Pan go in the US?

Peter Pan Lines reach the main cities in the Southeastern New England and the Mid-Atlantic States. The service areas include states as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. The major cities are Boston, Providence, Washington, Baltimore, New York City, Hartford, Maryland, and others.

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