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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Peter Cetera release You're the Inspiration Collection?

You're the Inspiration: A Collection (1997) is the second album released by Peter Cetera for River North Records and the sixth album released as a solo artist.

Who is the original singer of You're the inspiration?

(Redirected from You're The Inspiration) " You're the Inspiration " is a song written by Peter Cetera and David Foster for the group Chicago and recorded for their fourteenth studio album Chicago 17 (1984), with Cetera singing lead vocals.

Did Peter Cetera sing Good for me with Chicago?

Good for me!" Cetera then changed some of the words and recorded the song with Chicago for their Chicago 17 album. The video depicted the band performing intercut with scenes of embracing couples of varying ages ranging from young kids to a couple resembling Billy Idol and Madonna at the time.

What is Peter Cetera wearing in the New Bauhaus music video?

Lead singer Peter Cetera is seen wearing a T-shirt from the British goth band Bauhaus. During his performance, Cetera is sitting the whole time. Actor Matt Dillon was not in the music video.

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