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Frequently Asked Questions

What song did Az Yet sing with Peter Cetera?

Solo career. In 1997, Az Yet performed vocals with Cetera on his single of "You're the Inspiration", from Chicago 17, titled "'You're the Inspiration' – Peter Cetera featuring Az Yet", and they appeared together in a music video featuring the song.

What songs did Peter Cetera sing on tenure in Chicago?

Tenure in Chicago. Cetera shared lead vocal on three of the eleven songs on the album - "Question 67 & 68," "I'm a Man" and "Someday," with his tenor voice complementing the baritone voices of the two other lead singers in the group, keyboardist Robert Lamm and guitarist Terry Kath .

How old is Peter Cetera from Chicago?

Peter Paul Cetera ( / səˈtɛrə / sə-TERR-ə; born September 13, 1944) is an American retired singer, songwriter, and bassist best known for being an original member of the rock band Chicago (1967–1985), before launching a successful solo career.

When did Peter Cetera perform with David Foster and the orchestra?

In 2002, Cetera performed a medley of four of his songs at The Concert for World Children's Day, backed by David Foster and an orchestra at Arie Crown Theater in Chicago.

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