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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the song Glory of Love by Peter Cetera?

"Glory of Love" is a 1986 song by Peter Cetera written and composed by Cetera, David Foster, and Cetera's then-wife Diane Nini, and recorded by Cetera shortly after he left the band Chicago to pursue a solo career.

What was Peter Cetera's first number one hit song?

Featured in the 1986 film The Karate Kid Part II, it was Cetera's first hit single after he left the band, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and it was included on his 1986 album, Solitude/Solitaire, which Michael Omartian produced."Glory of Love" peaked at number one on the U.

What is Peter Cetera best known for?

Peter Paul Cetera ( /səˈtɛrə/ sə-TERR-ə; born September 13, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American singer, songwriter, bassist and producer best known for being an original member of the rock band Chicago, before launching a successful solo career.

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