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Frequently Asked Questions

When did glory of Love by Peter Cetera come out?

(Cetera released this album to coincide with the theatrical release of The Karate Kid Part II.) "Glory of Love" peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart on August 2, 1986, remaining in that spot for two weeks.

Who wrote the song Glory of Love?

Glory of Love is a 1986 song by Peter Cetera written and composed by Cetera, David Foster, and Cetera's then-wife Diane Nini, and recorded by Cetera shortly after he left the band Chicago to pursue a solo career.

How many albums has Peter Cetera released with Chicago?

The albums are Peter Cetera (from 1981 – recorded while he was still with Chicago ), Solitude/Solitaire (1986 – features two US number ones including ‘Glory of Love’), One More Story (1988) and World Falling Down (1992).

What is in Peter Cetera's box set?

This box contains Cetera’s first four studio albums with a very generous selection of bonus tracks. In fact, the label claims that this is “every recording Peter Cetera committed to tape during his time with the Full Moon and Warner Bros. labels from 1981 through 1992”.

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