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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in perfected Doom 3?

Finally this is version 7 of my Perfected Doom 3 modification. With better gameplay difficulty balancing, a new weapon combat mode system, and so many graphical enhancements from skin effects to optimized bump mapping effects Perfected Doom 3 has never been better.

How to mod Doom 3?

mods can be installed by creating a folder in the doom 3 directory with an appropriate name, and unzipping the mod into that folder. Then you can select it from the main menu ingame So you want to mod DOOM 3 and add incredible graphics? well you came to right place.This game can look as good as any game out right now.

What is Doom 3 Redux?

Redux is a large-scale modification that attempts to modernize Doom 3 with a massive overhaul of the graphical, sound and UI aspects of the game along with bug fixes, restored content and new features while keeping the gameplay and visual style intact. if you want to improve DOOM 3 immensely download this mod.

What's new in Doom 3 texture pack?

This is the second part of version 3 of my Perfected Doom 3 Texture Pack which now includes HD skins from y2keeth for weapons, objects, and monsters... This patch is to be used along with Part 1 and 2 of the Texture Pack 3.0 content.

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