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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to PeopleSoft?

To access PeopleSoft at work, visit the Intranet (Sun Page) and look for the PeopleSoft Employee and Manager Self Service icon. After clicking on the Employee Self-Service icon from the Sun page, you will be transferred to the PeopleSoft login page. You must use your AD (network) username and password to login. You are now logged into PeopleSoft.

How to log on to PeopleSoft self-service?

How to Logon to PeopleSoft Self-Service. In your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) go to It will open our home page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Additional Information and choose the link Employee/Retiree Self Service Login.

What is PeopleSoft Connect ID?

PeopleSoft Connect id is one of the basic requirements on which PeopleSoft works. PeopleSoft Connect id is infact a PeopleSoft database id, which is required to establish the initial connection to the database in PeopleSoft. It replaces the old concept of having database userid for every PeopleSoft id.

What is PeopleSoft upgrade?

PeopleSoft uses the term “Upgrade” in a special sense – an upgrade is the migration of any object or objects from one PeopleSoft Database to another, and the subsequent adjustment of the PeopleSoft system to accommodate the new objects. When you upgrade to new PeopleSoft Release you are provided with a new database,...

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