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Frequently Asked Questions

What is take command health?

Take Command Health (also known as Take Command Insurance Agency) is a company that develops health insurance solutions for small businesses and individuals. It offers an HRA administration platform that allows employees to shop for insurance, automates payments, ensures compliance with the regulations, and provides reporting.

What is peoplekeep?

What is PeopleKeep? PeopleKeep is a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) administration software solution. Companies give their employees a tax-free allowance to spend on the health services that fit their unique needs. Then employees submit receipts and prescriptions through their PeopleKeep dashboard.

Is take command Health replacing QSEHRA?

Take Command Health will be adding the Individual Coverage HRA to their platform of products. This is not replacing QSEHRA, but will be offered alongside it. Once I wrapped my head around how the plan works, it was pretty easy to just let Take Command Health set it up!

How do I contact take command?

Contact Us Chat, email, or phone. Get in touch with us to get the help you need. About Us Learn about the team that makes it all happen. Careers We're looking to add to our rich culture of care. Join us! Learn more about our team and what sets Take Command apart from other HRA administrators.

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