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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are tolls on PA Turnpike?

A drivers who uses toll-by-plate would pay $95 to travel cross Pennsylvania on the turnpike compared to an E-ZPass user who would pay $47 for the same trip. Pennsylvania's toll collection rates are on par with other states' and are slightly less expensive than the national average, state Transportation Secretary Yassmin Gramian told the AP.

Are PA Turnpike booths open?

There are 17 service plazas located along the PA Turnpike to meet travelers' needs. These easy-on, easy-off plazas are open 24 hours a day and offer fuel, restrooms, a variety of food options, and other amenities to make travel comfortable and efficient. Dining vendors maintain their own service hours.

How much does the toll road cost?

A toll chart from that early traffic and revenue study implied that driving the full, 21 miles of I-4 toll lanes would cost drivers as much as $14.20. But a traffic and revenue study conducted in 2019 came away with a much different outlook; a maximum charge of $3.52 for the 21 miles.

How much are tolls?

Also Know, how much are pay tolls? Interstate toll roads typically cost drivers about 6 cents per mile, about the same cost as a mile's worth of gasoline in a late-model passenger car. Non-interstate tolls cost a little more than double that: 13 cents per mile.

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