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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to pedals the bear?

Pedals was first spotted in 2014 in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. The bear walked upright on its hind legs due to injuries on his front paws. The bear's appearance spurred debate and discussions. Videos of Pedals' bipedal walking were posted to the internet and he was described as an "internet sensation".

Is pedals the bear the Sasquatch of the Garden State?

Since 2014, a male American black bear nicknamed Pedals has been spotted wandering through Oak Ridge upright, becoming something of a Sasquatch of the Garden State. One picture released by the department showed the bear’s body strung up from a ceiling by a chain.

What is the name of the bear that walks upright?

Pedals (died October 2016, New Jersey, United States) was an American black bear (Ursus americanus) that walked upright on its hind legs due to injuries on his front paws.

What happened to the bear that walked on two legs?

A beloved black bear that won hearts after he was spotted walking around New Jersey on two legs, earning him the name Pedals, is believed to have been killed by a bow hunter. A Facebook page created for the famous bear, which walked on his hind legs because of injuries to his front paws, announced Pedals’ death Friday.

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