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Frequently Asked Questions

What guitar pedals should I use?

Essential Pedals for Acoustic Guitar Tuner Pedal. Is a tuner pedal a necessary part of a guitarist's pedal board? ... Reverb Pedal. One common issue with playing acoustic guitar is sounding flat because of the lack of natural reverb. Compressor Pedal. This is an essential pedal for an acoustic guitar in my opinion. ... Delay Pedal. ...

What do guitar pedals do?

The way guitar pedals work is they enhance the signal thats coming from your guitar. Your strings vibrate, they send this vibration through your pick ups, this signal is sent through your cable to either effects pedals, amplifier, mixing board or computer. Pedals are a good way of customizing your sound.

What does a pedal do to an electric guitar?

Beginners Guide to Guitar Effects: Understanding the Basics Boost. A boost pedal is one of the most useful pedals one can have. ... Delay. Delay is essentially echo, but it can be so much more when used well. ... Octave. The octave pedal raises or lowers your pitch an octave. ... Tremolo. ... Compressor. ... Fuzz. ... Chorus. ... Reverb. ... Phaser. ... Vibrato. ... More items...

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