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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best road bike pedal?

Best road bike pedals. Clipless pedals evolved out of the old pedal and toe-clip setup. But while toe-clips rely on a clip and strap to hold your foot on the pedal, clipless pedals use a cleat that's fastened to the sole of your shoe that engages with the pedal mechanically, similar to a ski binding. To clip into your pedals,...

Which pedals are best for cycle touring?

The two main difference between SPD pedals and most clipless pedals designed for road bikes are that the cleats are recessed, and the soles of the shoes have more flexibility. For these reasons, SPD pedals are much more suitable for cycle touring.

What are platform bike pedals?

Platform Pedals. Also called MTB flat pedals, platform pedals are the most basic type of cycling pedal because there is no clip-in mechanism, just a large pedal body that provides a platform for your shoe. They are most often found on kid’s bike, commuters, cruisers, and some gravity-oriented mountain bikes, where they are preferred...

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