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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Payne glasses made?

Payne Glasses is a leading provider of eyeglass lenses and frames at the absolute most competitive price on the market. Fremont, California, United States 1-10 Private

Who makes Payne heat pumps?

Payne air conditioners are manufactured by Payne Heating & Cooling, a member of the Carrier United Technologies as of 2015.

Where are Payne furnaces manufactured?

Payne brand air conditioners are manufactured by Payne Heating and Cooling Systems, a company owned by United Technologies Corporation Business and Industrial Systems and based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who is the cast of House of Payne?

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is a TV series released in 2006 and directed by Tyler Perry. The leading star actors of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne are Allen Payne, Cassi Davis, China Anne McClain, Demetria McKinney, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Lance Gross, Larramie Doc Shaw, LaVan Davis.

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