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Frequently Asked Questions

Who distributes Pathé's Films on home video?

In the UK, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment distributes Pathé's films on home video since 2019. From the late 1990s until 2019, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment distributed the films on home video.

What happened in the year 1972 in film?

The year 1972 in film involved several significant cinematic events including the release of Francis Ford Coppola's Academy Award-winning film, The Godfather.

When did the Pathé brothers start making records?

By 1896 the Pathé brothers had offices and recording studios not only in Paris, but also in London, Milan, and St. Petersburg. Pathé manufactured cylinder records until approximately 1914. In 1905 the Pathé brothers entered the growing field of disc records.

What were the first animated feature films released in 1974?

A list of animated feature films that were first released in 1974 . aka. Sindbad Dunderklumpen! Mazinger Z vs. The Great General of Darkness

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