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Frequently Asked Questions

What is time and movement in photography?

It's a matter of when and how long. We can not only get the sense that we are witnessing a precise moment in history but there is a passage of time, an event taking place that requires of the viewer, an understanding of progression; moving from one place to another, moving forward in time and space. Time and movement in photography are synonymous.

What are the tools of a photographer?

One of the fundamental tools that a photographer has at his/her disposal is the ability to record time. This isn't just the moment in time, or the ‘decisive moment', as Cartier-Bresson called it, but the duration of the time interval as well.

How do you capture progression in photography?

We are also able to capture progression by photographing in quick succession by using sequence shooting with the camera or repeat lighting with a flash. A sense of motion and passing time can be presented in many interesting ways. By slowing down the shutter speed, any moving object will be blurred.

What is a snapshot of time?

A collage of time if you will. “Photography is a medium that is famous for freezing time. The word snapshot suggests that a tiny slice of time is recorded for posterity… A photographic print is flat, and essentially is made of 2 dimensions: length and width.

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