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Frequently Asked Questions

What is paso doble dance?

At its core, the Paso Doble is a dramatic Spanish dance. Traditionally, the man is characterized as the matador (bullfighter) and the lady as his cape in the drama of a Spanish bullfight. The dancers may choose to enact the role of the torero, Picador, banderillero, bull, or Spanish dancer.

What does pasodoble stand for?

Pasodoble (Spanish: double step) is a fast-paced Spanish military march used by infantry troops. Its speed allowed troops to give 120 steps per minute (double the average of a regular unit, hence its name).

Are there any basic Paso Doble steps?

Below is a video of some basic Paso Doble steps performed by Slavik Kryklivyy and Karina Smirnoff, one of the top professional couples in the world. It’s a few years old but is a great example of these basic steps.

What are the different types of pasodoble?

The different types of pasodoble- popular, taurino, militar- can vary in rhythm, with the taurine pasodobles being the slowest and the popular being faster and often incorporating voice. Pasodoble as we know it started in Spain but is now played in a wide variety of Hispanic nations.

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