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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of parody?

A parody is a form of humor that spoofs — or satirizes — something using the same form. For example, shows like "Saturday Night Live" and "The Daily Show" parody newscasts by doing fake newscasts that look like the real thing. Comedians and comedy writers love to parody the President. Anything in the public eye could be the object of a parody.

What is the purpose of a parody?

The intent of parody is for the audience to recognize the source or original material and find its excessive imitation comical. Writers use parody to call attention to or stress noticeable features of a character, place, storyline, etc., by mimicking it.

What is the difference between parody and satire?

Parody has no ulterior motive and just intends to provide comic relief to audiences. Satire has all that a parody has. In addition, there is anger with intent to serve a message across the society. Satire has entertainment along with a message for the people. Humor serves the purpose of making the subject more palatable for the society.

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