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Frequently Asked Questions

What is paperio 3D?

Take it all with new amazing game - 3D This game concept is linked to old Xonix, which appeared in 1984. Like in any other IO game there are you and enemies willing to outwit you.

What is paperpaperio?

Paperio has simple rules but is very addictive in its simplicity. The competitors are also on guard. Watch out for your tail. The game is very addictive and makes gamers from all over the world connect from home, from work, from campus or even the office! Join the game, figure out your strategy and become the ultimate winner.

What is paper Io? is a multiplayer io game based on survival and expansion. Draw your territory to capture it. Catch other players out and take their land, or smash into the side of them to take them down before they successfully claim more land. The latest game is 2. Your goal in is to expand your territory and protect it.

What is the goal of the game paperio?

Your goal in is to expand your territory and protect it. You successfully take new ground by forming a line back to your territory, which creates a link and fills in the blank space. If a player smashes into you before you have linked your new area, you die and go back to the beginning.

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