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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Papercut?

PaperCut is packed full of features such as encouraging duplex printing, implementing reasonable usage quotas, and full pay-for-print and print chargeback policies. Did you know that when we surveyed our customers, we found that implementing just one feature, like secure print release, helped them save as much as 15%.

What is paperpapercut and computer labs?

Papercut is a contracted service to provide printing accounting/management services on behalf of a department. Large format printing is available. Printing in Computer Labs is available to anyone with an Urbana NetID.

What's new at Papercut hive?

PaperCut Hive's Here! 6th April 2021 Powerfully simple cloud-native serverless printing launches Google Cloud Print alternative 12th November 2020 Cloud Print available on Chromebooks & Windows - print anywhere, over the internet Printing should be waste-free, easy, and secure… DO YOU FIND PRINTING HARD?

How do I get a refund for my Papercut order?

Some departments allow refunds to be requested via the PaperCut portal while others require an in person visit or an email. For example, if you are a student from the College of Media printing at the University Library, you will follow the refund process for the University Library (see Departmental Refund Process below).

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