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Frequently Asked Questions

What does pad mean medical?

Medical Definition of pad. 1 : a usually square or rectangular piece of often folded typically absorbent material (as gauze) fixed in place over some part of the body as a dressing or other protective covering.

What is the meaning of pad?

a cushion-like mass of soft material. abdominal pad a pad for the absorption of discharges from abdominal wounds, or for packing off abdominal viscera to improve exposure during surgery. Called also laparotomy pad.

What is the definition of pad?

A pad is a fairly thick, flat piece of a material such as cloth or rubber. Pads are used, for example, to clean things, to protect things, or to change their shape. ...a scouring pad. ...a flowered dress with shoulder pads.

What is the word pad?

WordPad is a basic word processor that is included with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 onwards. It is more advanced than Microsoft Notepad but simpler than Microsoft Works Word Processor and Microsoft Word.

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