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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the waiting list for Green Bay Packers season tickets?

Annual postcard sent out by the Green Bay Packers organization to those on the waiting list for season tickets. The Green Bay Packers have the longest waiting list, with more than 100,000 names. The team's website says the wait is 30 years.

Who is number 52 on the Green Bay Packers?

Represent the Packers anytime in the NFL® Clay Matthews men's Game jersey from Nike®. Inspired by what the player wears on the field, the green and gold Game jersey features the number 52 and name Matthews.

Can the Packers make the playoffs?

The Packers could still make the playoffs with a loss to either the Panthers or Vikings, but they’d then need help from the Buccaneers, who’d have to beat the Falcons, and the Cardinals, who’d have to beat the Seahawks.

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