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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Bay paint also considered a tri-color paint?

There is no such thing as a "tri-color" Paint. It's just a term people with no knowledge of genetics came up with. Technically ANY bay or buckskin horse with white markings could be considered "tri-color" since all it means is three colored.

What color is Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay?

The main “color” that I love to use is a pale bluish grey that has hints of green. Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay is the color and Sea Salt is one of the most popular fixer upper colors there is, along with Silver Strand.

What color is oyster paint?

The Oyster White PPG10-05 paint color is part of the Harmony paint color collection.

What color is oyster color?

The color of oyster is something like a very light beige tinted with tinted a little bit pink like that of the sea animal the oyster. We also offer Snap Pink fabric in the 48" wide and 8.5 oz weave.

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