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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to take ownership of work?

Ownership means you take pride in what you deliver. Ownership means you care about the success of the project. You're not just clocking in and collecting a paycheck... you're taking responsibility and placing value in the quality of your work. Ownership means you give a damn.

What does it mean to take ownership of your work?

Taking ownership means standing up and announcing that you are responsible for executing a particular task or project. Sometimes taking ownership will just mean being accountable for a project within your job description. In that case, taking ownership isn’t terribly remarkable.

What is ownership in the workplace means to me?

Ownership is taking the initiative to bring about positive results. It means not waiting for others to act, and caring about the outcome as much as an owner of the company would. It is being accountable for the results of your actions - that are the of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner. More items...

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