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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can own property in severalty?

Yes, just like individuals, corporations can also have ownership in severalty. This would mean that the corporation is the sole owner of the property. This is common in many owner occupied and real estate investment properties where one entity owns 100% of the property in question.

What is tenants in severalty?

tenancy in severalty If more than one person, or a legal entity such as a corporation, owns an estate in land, the estate is held in some form of co-ownership. Co-owners are also called co-tenants three main forms of co-ownership Tenants in Common Joint Tenancy Tenancy By the Entireties

What is tenancy in severalty?

Tenancy in severalty is an exclusive and separate right of possession or ownership, unshared with others (although the “person” for legal purposes that owns the property could be a corporation). Or in simpler terms, it is sole ownership of a property. The kind of ownership interest you have in a property is important, especially when it ...

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