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Frequently Asked Questions

How does owner financing really work?

Owner financing is one method of financing that is commonly used in conjunction with selling a house. Here are the basics of owner financing and how it works. Owner financing is a process that involves the buyer of a property borrowing the money for the purchase of the house.

Is owner financing a good idea?

If the buyer has trouble getting a loan then an owner carry back financing is a good idea because it makes it easier for both parties to get into contract. In one hand they buyer can get in the home he or she wishes and on the other hand the seller can sell the property faster then otherwise.

What interest rate do you charge for owner financing?

For example, if a major lender such as Wells Fargo had established current mortgage lending rates of 3.11 percent, a seller may choose to place their owner financing interest rates for 2019 at 4.8 to 5 percent. This is a well-established practice that has become quite common in the owner-financed mortgage arena. Moving Ahead With Owner Financing

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