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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I review my Owl Express account?

Login to Owl Express using your KSU Email Address and password To review your account only, click "Review Account Summary by Term" Login to the Student Account Suite via Pay Online using your KSU Email Address and password Click on the drop down menu to choose the appropriate term, and click "GO"

What is Owl Express?

Owl Express is the name we use for our Banner information system. Under the Employee Services tab you can update information about your vehicle and parking. The Faculty Services tab gives you access to your class rosters and schedule. This is also where you will input your final course grades.

How do I enroll faculty or staff in Owl Express?

Enrollment by UITS of faculty or staff into an Owl Express course where the person is not the instructor of record will require the permission of the department chair or dean. A department chair may request enrollment of self and/or other instructor (s) using the form located here.

What payment methods are accepted at Owl Express?

Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover are also accepted, although a 2.85% convenience fee will apply. Follow all Web payment instructions for verification of your card numbers. If your credit card is approved, your fees will be charged immediately. Login to Owl Express using your KSU Email Address and password

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