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Frequently Asked Questions

What song does Midnight Oil play when their beds are burning?

“Beds Are Burning” is a 1987 single by Midnight Oil, released as the opening track of the sixth studio album Diesel and Dust. It is one of the band’s most internationally… Read More How can we dance when our earth is turnin'? How do we sleep while our beds are burnin'? How can we dance when our earth is turnin'?

Is Midnight Oil a good band?

Anyway, to everyone who doubts Midnight Oil, such as the people above me ^^, you're just misinformed and stupid. Midnight Oil were a great band with a swagful of great songs and I wish more people knew more of their songs than 'Beds Are Burning' and a small handful of others that get played a lot.

When was Beds are Burning released?

Release Date of “Beds Are Burning” “Beds Are Burning” was released during August of 1986. It was the second single from Midnight Oil’s album entitled “Diesel and Dust”.

What country is Beds are Burning from?

" Beds Are Burning " is a 1987 song by the Australian rock band Midnight Oil, the first track from their album Diesel and Dust. This song was released as the second single from the album. It reached No. 1 in New Zealand, South Africa and Canada, No. 3 in the Netherlands, No. 5 in France, No.

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