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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shooting Star?

Shooting Star is a Mining Distractions and Diversion, introduced with the 2 September 2008 gaming update. It is available to all players. Stars can be mined for experience in addition to a daily reward. Shooting Stars fall from the sky every two hours or so. They generally fall across all worlds within fifteen minutes of each other.

How do you see a shooting star in RuneScape?

Viewing a shooting star with a mahogany telescope which shows landing area and approximate time. Shooting stars fall from the sky in RuneScape approximately every 2 hours in one location on each world. The location may be different in other worlds. When players mine through all layers of the star, they will find a Star sprite.

When was Shooting Stars released in RuneScape?

Shooting Stars were originally released on 2 September 2008 in RuneScape as one of three Distractions and Diversions, alongside Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza and Penguin Hide and Seek.

Where are the Shooting Stars in Gielinor?

Shooting Stars Shooting Stars are landing all across Gielinor! These wondrous objects can be mined for rewards, and players can use telescopes to figure out when and where they might land.

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