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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clan Chat in RuneScape?

The Clan Chat feature was released on 6 August 2007, four days before the backup upon which Old School RuneScape is based; it was the last update released before the backup was made. Using clan chat channels, players can communicate with groups of other players across multiple worlds.

How do you chat in Old School RuneScape?

It is linked to the Friends Chat feature within the main game; therefore, players on Old School RuneScape can communicate with players on the main game via chat channels and vice versa. To enter a chat channel, players simply click on the button in the chat interface.

What is OSRS wiki?

Welcome to OSRS Wiki! OSRS Wiki is a relaxed social clan for players who use or edit the wiki. Our clan is open to all players, including free-to-play and Ironman mode players. Our main home world is world 339 ; alternative home worlds are 333 , 532 , and 437 .

How do I create a channel to speak to my clan?

If a player wants to create a channel to speak to their clan, they can create a Clan Chat. This is useful to talk to the people who are in a clan, without letting anybody else know what clan members are saying.

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