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Frequently Asked Questions

What are compression socks for women?

Pregnancy. Also, the woman’s expanding uterus can put pressure on the inferior vena cava, which is the major vein that carries blood back to the heart. Compression socks can help keep the blood pressure high enough in the legs to overcome the effects of the hormones and even the pressure caused by the growing baby belly.

Where can you buy compression socks?

Walgreens stocks compression socks near the pharmacy section of the store, often located on aisles with other medical supplies for diabetes and other circulation problems. Travelers who don’t live near Walgreens stores can purchase compression socks at the store’s website.

What is an orthopedic sock?

Orthopedic Health Socks. Well-made, properly fitting socks are important for foot health. The right socks can help prevent athlete's foot, foot odor and even blisters. Many of our orthopedic socks are made with moisture-wicking materials and include extra padding and cushioning on the heel and toe.

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