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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best compression socks for swelling?

1. Blitzu Compression Socks. Made of premium performance fabric with a circular knit, the Blitzu compression socks are best known for their flexibility and long lasting capability. In addition to offering compression to the swollen limbs they also provide relief of muscle and leg pains with protection against injuries and sores.

Are compression socks good for swollen ankles?

Compression socks work by squeezing the tissue in the lower legs and feet to prevent blood from pooling in your lower extremities. It also prevents edema, or swelling, by improving the flow of fluids within the tissue. Compression socks can even be used to treat ankle swelling and ankle pain, as long as they are worn correctly.

How long to wear compression socks for edema?

However, in some cases, it is necessary to wear compression stockings for months, years, or even the rest of your life. If you can get edema under control with other treatments, like herbal supplements, diuretics, and prescription treatments, your duration of wearing compression stockings will be lessened.

Are ankle weights bad for your ankles?

Although ankle weights can increase the energy you burn while walking, they may strain the ankle joint and leg muscles, which could increase your risk of injury.

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