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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an orthopaedic doctor?

Here are some common duties and responsibilities for orthopedic doctors: Ordering tests Diagnosing patients Prescribing medication Collaborating with physical therapists Recording patient progress and medical history Setting broken bones Supervising medical staff Providing post-operative care

What is an orthopedic associate?

Orthopaedic Associates is the area's longest established group of orthopaedic surgeons, advanced practice providers and healthcare professionals , trusted by professional athletes and medical experts from across the region. Patients choose OA for their experienced physicians, friendly staff and personalized care.

What is orthopedic technologists?

Orthopedic Technician: Job Description & Career Information. Orthopedic technicians (sometimes called orthopedic technologists) work with orthopedic surgeons in caring for patients with injured joints and bones. Principally, orthopedic technicians are responsible for applying casts, splints and braces.

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