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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common types of acetabulum fractures?

Characteristics of elemental fracture types Posterior wall. Elementary posterior wall fractures are the most common acetabular fractures and account for approximately 24% of acetabular fractures. Posterior column. Isolated posterior column fractures are rare (2.4-3.2% of acetabular fractures [Matta, Letournel]) and are usually associated with a posterior dislocation of the hip. Anterior wall. ... More items...

What are acetabulum fractures?

On either side of the pelvis, is a hip socket called the acetabulum. This socket is round in shape and covered inside with smooth cartilage. This cartilage forms the smooth surface of the hip joint. An acetabular fracture occurs when the socket of the hip joint is broken.

What is the function of the acetabulum?

It is a synovial ball and socket joint that occurs between head of femur and acetabulum of hip bone. Its primary function is to make the legs mobile without weakening the ability to support the weight of human body in both static and dynamic postures. Hip joints are most important factors in maintaining balance of body.

What is a comminuted acetabular fracture?

Acetabular fracture. This injury is caused by a blow to either the side or front of the knee and often occurs as a dashboard injury accompanied by a fracture of the femur. The acetabulum is a cavity situated on the outer surface of the hip bone, also called the coxal bone or innominate bone. It is made up of three bones, the ilium, ischium,...

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