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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Orlando Anderson and what happened to him?

Orlando Anderson was the prime suspect in the case as, three hours before the shooting, he had been attacked by Pac and his Death Row entourage in the MGM Grand casino. The beating was inflicted after Anderson – believed to be a member of the Compton Crips gang – had previously stolen a medallion from a rival Bloods gangster.

Who is Orlando Tive Anderson?

Orlando Tive Anderson was born in Compton, California to Harvey Lee Anderson and Charlotte Davis on August 13, 1974. After the couple separated, Charlotte moved the family to her mother's home on South Burris Avenue and earned a living as a bookkeeper.

Is Anderson Cooper related to Tupac?

Danny claims that he was told an unnamed deceased rapper had confirmed Anderson was related to the rap icon. As supposed evidence of his conspiracy, he revealed an image of Tupac which showed someone looking like Anderson in the background.

Who is Baby Lane Anderson?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Orlando Tive "Baby Lane" Anderson (August 13, 1974 – May 29, 1998) was an American criminal, a member of the California-based gang known as the Crips, and the prime suspect in the murder of rap music artist Tupac Shakur.

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