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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find parking at Orlando Airport?

A listing of airlines serving Orlando airport can be viewed by terminal or by airline. Parking facilities are located away from the main terminals and are accessible by shuttle bus. Or... The elevated AGT train shuttle from the main terminal connects to all four Airside Satellites 1 through 4 at post-security.

How much does it cost to park at the airport?

Current Parking Rates PARKING OPTIONS DAILY RATE South Park Place Economy Lot $10 Terminal Garage Parking $17 Terminal Top Parking $17 Valet Parking $25 7 more rows ...

How do I get to Orlando International Airport?

Flight Arrival Guide Welcome to Orlando International Airport (MCO) Domestic passengers will leave the aircraft via a jetway which takes you into a gate area 1 in an Airside Terminal that is separated from the Main terminal. Facilities including restrooms, shops, restaurants, ATM’s and telephones can be found in this area.

Where can I Park my vehicle at the airport?

You can park your vehicle at Garages A & B, which can be reached from level 1 of the Main Terminal, and 4 parking levels. Garages A & B with 4 levels each are located on both sides of the Main Terminal.

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