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Frequently Asked Questions

How to shrink an oracle tablespace?

Here are the steps to shrink an Oracle Tablespace: 1. PURGE TABLESPACE; 2. ALTER TABLESPACE <TableSpace> COALESCE; 3. Change the TableSpace Size: It means that the new size is too small. You must increase the number of the size you want. You can use the SQL statement bellow to see the max values for the Tablespaces:

Should I shrink my database?

Before you decide to shrink you may need to do some investigation into the causes of the large tablespace. If this happens on a regular basis then it is possible that your database just needs that much space. can be very useful in determining the cause. Maybe you just don't care about the cause and you just need to shrink it.

How to shrink a table?

That's normally sufficient because the table will normally grow again in the future. You could shrink the table if you want to decrease the size of the table segment and make the space available to other segments in the same tablespace ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT; ALTER TABLE table_name SHRINK SPACE CASCADE;

Can I shrink permanent or dictionary managed tablespace?

I have a tablespace has size 307,200 MB and "Used (MB)" is 103 229,81. This tablespace was created with "BIG" Datafile. For recent time "Used (MB)" value increase insignificantly. So I want to shrink the tablespace. ORA-12916: cannot shrink permanent or dictionary managed tablespace Yes.

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