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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download OpenSeaMap for free?

OpenSeaMap on the App Store This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. OpenSeaMap is a worldwide Opensource-project for creating a free nautical chart. Founded in 2009 the project gained a lot of attention lately adding more and more nautical information for free.

What is openopenseamap?

OpenSeaMap is an free nautical chart, and also a touristical land map. The basemap is rendered with Mapnik using the OpenStreetMap-data. This map is extended with nautical data that is saved in the OSM-Database as well. OpenLayers is used to overlay additional nautical Information, which can be displayed in a popup by clicking on the map.

Where can I find an OpenSeaMap chart?

This chart is available on the OpenSeaMap website, and can also be downloaded for use as an electronic chart for offline applications. The project is part of OpenStreetMap. OpenSeaMap is part of the OpenStreetMap database, and complements the spatial data with nautical information.

What is the difference between OpenLayers and OpenSeaMap?

The data are presented in multiple levels with OpenLayers on the base map of OpenStreetMap. The base map contains all the possible objects from OpenStreetMap. OpenSeaMap includes additional layers such as aids to navigation, ports and temporary racing events.

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