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Frequently Asked Questions

What is onionplay? is described as '- Free Streaming of Movies and TV Show. The Most Famous Movies and TV Shows online with the highest quality!' and is a Video Streaming App in the Video & Movies category.

What happened to onionplay?

OnionPlay has also closed many websites but they built a new website after one is shut down and launch that again. OnionPlay has been around for quite some time and now has gained too much popularity.

Is onionplay safe to use?

Any website that is pirated, is not safe. There you have to deal with so many ads, if you accidently click on those ads, then you can enter the virus in your devise. Hence, we should not use pirated websites. These sites have some benefits but along with that there are many losses too. But OnionPlay comes with the extra security and safety.

What are the best onionplay alternatives in 2021?

Netflix is one of the best alternatives of OnionPlay. It has their own original movies and web series with a range of classic and latest released movies and shows. This is a paid subscription-based site, if want to enjoy of their contents then you have to pay for that.

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