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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the tribes in Omo Valley?

Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes. Tsemai. The Tsemai, the dominant people of Weito village on the Konso-Jinka road, are regarded to be among the least known ethnic groups of Ethiopia. Estimated to be a total of some 5000 people, their territory extends along the western bank of the Weito River, known in Tsemai as the Dulaika River.

Who are the Karo and Hamer tribes in Ethiopia?

During her latest trip to Ethiopia, she captured a series of portraits of people from various locales, including the Karo, Hamer and Mursi tribes – all of which are located in the south of the country in an area called the Omo Valley. Each one of these tribes has a unique culture and traditions, despite their geographic closeness.

Where do the Omo people live?

They live in Hamer woreda (or district), a fertile part of the Omo River valley, in the Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region (SNNPR). They are largely pastoralists, so their culture places a high value on cattle.

What is the Omo Valley in Africa?

The Omo Valley is one of the poorest regions in Africa. With little more than their extraordinary ways, the sights and the figures you’ll meet, the people of the Omo will ask for money each time you take a photo, or a bulk fee for taking photos. This varies from tribe to tribe and can be a little intimidating for inexperienced travellers.

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