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Frequently Asked Questions

What is oil price forecast?

The EIA forecast that Brent crude oil prices will average $68/b in the third quarter of 2021 and $60/b in 2022. Prices are increasing due to higher demand as more people are vaccinated against COVID-19. OPEC is beginning to increase production after limiting it due to decreased demand for oil during the pandemic.

What is the current price of crude oil?

1 Barrel US Oil Price = $87.28 CAD Today Low: 86.04, High: 99.76 CAD 1 Barrel Volume: 158.987 Litre Today, 1 USD Rate= 1.27595 CAD The crude oil price is updated on 28-Nov-2021 21:44:00 (GMT Time)

What is Brent oil futures?

Brent Oil Futures Overview. Brent Crude Oil is a classification used for major trading, and serves as a benchmark for purchases on global financial markets. In fact, it is a definition used to describe sweet light crude oil (sweet refers to low sulfur contents, while light describes a relatively low density).

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