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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Izuku feel about ochako Uraraka?

Feeling the warmth on his his, Izuku looked over and smiled at the sight. Ochako Uraraka, the girl he loved, was curled up to his side, a contented smile on her face that contrasted the dark bruises he could see on her neck. Smiling, Izuku took pride in his work, before deciding that a nice surprise was warranted, especially after last night.

What did ochako say to Deku?

Ochako said while trying very hard not to blush. She liked Deku. A lot. But she thought that he didn't have room for her. Only that he thought they were friends. Nothing more. "Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." She said with a smile. "Yeah, Goodnight." He responded. Ochako waved to Deku and went up to her dorm room.

Is ochako Still Here?

"Guys. Ochako still isn't here yet. I'm getting really worried." Deku said as he was standing by the door waiting for her to arrive safe. But his gut kept telling him that something was wrong.

Why can't ochako just float herself out of the building?

If Ochako has zero gravity, and can make things weightless, why can't she just float herself out of the building?" Kaminari asked on the other side of the room. "I'll give you two very good reasons. First, she cannot use her quirk very long. Even with all of the training she is doing to help herself.

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