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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become an oceanographer?

The duration of the Oceanography program varies according to the institution and program. The minimum education required for a career in oceanography is a bachelor’s degree in Oceanography or basic sciences. A bachelor’s degree spans for three to five years in most cases.

What are the different types of degrees offered in oceanography?

Degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy are offered in oceanography.   The department also offers the Master of Ocean Science and Technology (MOST) non-thesis professional degree. The Department of Oceanography can also serve as the “home” department for the Master of Geoscience (MGsc) degree.

What are the best oceanography schools in the world?

The best Oceanography schools in the world are; 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB), ... Scholarships by Level Undergraduate Scholarships

What is the University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute?

The University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute is the oldest and most significant marine research facility on the Texas coast. The Institute is dedicated to the three central functions of a major university, research, education, outreach, as they apply to the Texas coastal zone and other marine environments.

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