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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some careers in oceanography?

Many people associate careers in oceanography as consisting of swimming with marine animals at a marine life park or snorkeling in crystal-clear tropical waters studying coral reefs. In reality, these kinds of jobs are extremely rare and there is intense competition for the few jobs that do exist.

What is the job outlook for Oceanography majors?

Upon earning a bachelor's degree in oceanography, you can work for private companies, government agencies, corporations and educational institutions. Your duties might include conducting research or consulting for companies to help them develop environmentally sound production methods in order to reduce their impact on the world's oceans.

What is the best university for marine biology?

1. Brown University. Located in Rhode Island, Brown University is well regarded as the best place to be for studying Marine Biology. The college has consistently managed to produce some of the top Marine Biologists on the planet. Students can opt for graduate and undergraduate courses at Brown University.

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